What’s new in June

This post is coming to you while I am in New York for the very first time in my life! In my May post, I asked you to send me your best NYC tips, and I want to thank everyone who did. I’m not sure I’ll get to everything that was suggested, but I really appreciate all your input. Don’t forget to follow along on my Instagram!

June is full of plans – two birthdays (including my own), a trip to Ulvedalene (the open air theater in the Deer Park just outside of Copenhagen), tickets to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s concert in Copenhagen, and a live reading of one of my favorite podcasts, My Dad Wrote a Porno. June looks pretty awesome!


I’m currently enjoying

  • The compliments I get when using my new KeepCup in coffee shops!
  • Stylebook, a wardrobe management and planning app that I’ve been using to try and build a summer capsule wardrobe. It’s free and lets you log the items in your closet, keep track of what you’re wearing, and even make packing lists. I used it to plan for what to pack for New York, too.
  • The fact that I might have just found my wedding dress… 👰
  • Barbecuing on the balcony! We’ve really gotten some mileage out of our balcony this May – the weather has been absolutely fantastic. We also just got a pizza stone for the grill, so I’m looking forward to trying that. What’s your best recipe for homemade pizza dough? Share in the comments if you have one!
  • Brooklyn 99, which I have just started binge-watching, and which is quickly becoming my favorite comedy show. Noice!
  • All the rosé-related messages I get on Instagram – you all really know my brand!


On my mind​

Yoga galore

I’m starting my yoga teacher training this month! Can’t wait to dive in and get nerdy about anatomy, yoga philosophy, asanas, and all the other good stuff. Namaste! 🕉


Balcony time

Last year, we did a major upgrade of our balcony, and this year, I’m getting even more into gardening, especially kitchen gardening, and making the most of the limited space we have. Unless I get crazy busy or otherwise derailed, I’ll share an update on that soon. There’s a highlight on my Insta stories, too, if you want to check it out.


Is there anything you’d like to read about here on the blog? Let me know if you have any suggestions or requests!

In any case, I hope you have a fantastic June!





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