5 luxurious English country hotels

Baronial sweeping staircases, the scent of rose gardens, cucumber sandwiches, croquet lawns, stern portraits of 19th century gentry, gin-and-tonic on a terrace overlooking a lake: we all love a relaxing weekend at an English Country House. For a few short days we can play the aristocrat, luxuriating in four-poster beds and waking to the smell…


Top 5 desert properties in Namibia

As we enter the summer period in the Western Hemisphere, Namibia is doing the opposite, because June in Safari Africa means the start of winter. This marks the perfect time to visit the desert, as visitors can avoid the scorching heat often experienced at the height of the summer months. Namibia is in its dry…


5 fabulous experiences in Boise, Idaho

Boise, the capitol of Idaho, is a fast growing city that has the pulse of a sophisticated metropolis and the heart of a small town. People are open and friendly, things move at a relaxed pace, and the town is full of surprises. From white water river rafting, to cycling on the famous Boise River…

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